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Vallée de Joux - Métiers d'Art Porcelaine : uniting savoir-faire

Watches News, Sharmila Bertin, March 2, 2020

To honor the rat, the Joux Valley watchmaker espouses two traditional but highly-unusual techniques on the dial of a watch proposed as a limited edition of just 8 pieces. The rat, the first animal in the Chinese zodiac, is known for its fertile imagination, its kindness, its curiosity, its ambition and its great sense of communication. This new cycle, which kicked off on January 25 this year, offered Blancpain the opportunity to unveil its creative and artisanal savoir-faire. Two techniques were used to fashion the Métiers d’Art Porcelaine, available in just 8 pieces: porcelain work and miniature painting on enamel.



05 March 2020