Emaux sur métal du IXe au XIXe siècle. Histoire, technique et matériaux

The crafts of watchmaking and jewelery

Combining the history of art, archaeometry and the science of materials, this book of a new genre is the first to be devoted to the scientific study in the laboratory of enamels on metal. With the five hundred images and analysis tables that accompany it, it constitutes the most complete synthesis of the work of the Center for Research and Restoration of French Museums (C2RMF) in this field. Divided into two parts, the book first relates the history of enamels on metal in the West, including Byzantium, from their origins to the 19th century. The reader thus discovers in their historical context the enamels presented in the second part. They originated in France, Lotharingia, Spain and Byzantium: from the 9th century, with cloisonné enamels, to the 19th century with painted enamels from Limoges, passing through the Middle Ages with pseudo-champlevé, champlevé, cloisonné, basse-taille and in the round, and the Renaissance with painted enamels. The second part presents the scientific results acquired in the C2RMF laboratory concerning the study of manufacturing techniques and the chemical analysis of the materials constituting the works, on nine productions of enamels on metal, dated from the 9th to the 19th century, which covers almost all of the different techniques known in the West. With the results presented for the first time in such a complete and detailed manner and a very rich iconography, the international scientific community working in the field of ancient glass, chemists, physicists, art historians, archaeologists, restorers, enamellers, experts and collectors , will find in this book valuable and unpublished data

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  • Author Isabelle Biron
  • Editor Faton
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