Founded on May 27, 2016 in Geneva, the Swiss Association of Crafts aims to federate and coordinate the action of the Swiss cantons to preserve crafts in Switzerland, promote them and encourage the development of these crafts. by professionals of excellence who master, develop and pass on exceptional techniques and know-how.

Its main missions are to inventory crafts in Switzerland, to coordinate Swiss participation in the European Days of Crafts, to honor and reward craftsmen practicing in Switzerland who are distinguished for their excellence, to promote the transmission of know-how by promoting apprenticeship and training in crafts, to help preserve the knowledge and skills of crafts in danger of disappearing, to promote the contribution of crafts to Swiss economic life, to represent Switzerland in international institutions active in the field of the promotion of crafts.

Its action concerns all the linguistic communities and cultures of the country. The Federal Office of Culture supports the Association by providing it with its high patronage.

The Association’s logotype is the result of a competition open to apprentices and students from higher education institutions and vocational schools training in the graphic arts in the founding cantons. Mélanie Blanc, from Neuchâtel, student at ecal, Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne, won this competition.

“The logotype expresses the variety of artistic professions as well as the national dimension of the Association. The visual is inspired by different trades such as: decorative painting, mosaic, design or even fabric work. The visual is based on the diversity of Switzerland and its 26 cantons. In the square, is the Swiss cross as well as 26 pieces each representing a canton. The pieces fit together to create the national dimension as well as the association of all the crafts. The weft used on certain parts adds dynamics and substance to the logo. This frame changes place in the pictogram according to the different languages. A visual game is created like a tangram or a puzzle. The frame and the pieces move to symbolize the richness by which crafts make up Switzerland and still continue to compose it, to renew it, which is why the Swiss cross used in the pictogram is incomplete. It is continually enriched by the diversity of crafts. » Melanie White

Logotype font: Simplon, font designed and distributed by Swiss Typefaces.