The Federal Council announces this Friday, February 28 to take the following decision: " All demonstrations of more than 1000 people are prohibited from now until at least March 15 in Switzerland. The Federal Council took this decision on Friday because of the coronavirus epidemic, which now affects 15 people."

For the time being, the JEMA are not concerned since they do not bring together 1,000 people in one place at the same time. In addition, the JEMA will take place at the beginning of April. We will of course strictly follow the instructions of the authorities if they were to evolve to concern us.

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Workshop visits are not particularly suitable for a very young audience due to their theme, the vocabulary used or the safety measures to be observed. Surveys of visitors and craftsmen of previous editions have prompted the organizers of the JEMA to offer in some cantons workshops to awaken to crafts, activities specially dedicated to children between 8 and 12 years old.

The craftsman who welcomes you does so in his ordinary working environment which is not - as a general rule - a place open to the public nor necessarily suitable for this purpose. It is the craftsman who defines the size of the group he wishes to welcome, depending on the layout of the premises and various other constraints that are his.

The three days of the European Days of Crafts are mainly devoted to meetings with the general public.

Vaud: if, as a teacher, you wish to organize a workshop visit, please consult the special educational file and the offer made to classes to meet craftsmen in their workshops. Registration for this limited offer will be open from March 1, 2017 for meetings taking place between May and June 2017.

You can register up to the time of the visit. Be aware, however, that not all artisans have internet access in their workshop and that, moreover, they have little time between two visits.

The vast majority of visitors accept the constraint of prior registration as a means of bringing together favorable conditions for an interesting meeting and pleasant exchanges with the craftsman. Depending on the number of places available displayed in the registration system, you can try to get there for the time indicated without prior registration. However, you run the risk of not being able to enter if the size of the group were to exceed the capacity of the artisan.

Some visits are scheduled WITHOUT PRIOR REGISTRATION. See in the right column, under the JEMA logo. The words "Visits take place without registration" are followed by the opening hours. A blue "Register" button appears otherwise.

You can of course report a craftsman likely to be invited to a future edition of the European Days of Crafts, via the contact form on this site.

There is no actual registration. You can at any time announce yourself via the contact form on this site. Programming is carried out by programming committees specific to each canton. These committees proceed by invitation. The choices are made to ensure a good representation of the variety of crafts as well as a good geographical distribution.

May be invited, craftsmen* of art:

  • exercising in one of the member cantons, one of the professions on the list of artistic professions , on a professional basis and as a main activity, or ancillary if it is a rare profession;
  • committing to open the doors of its workshop during the JEMA and to welcome visitors who have previously registered;
  • committing to demonstrate themselves the practice of their know-how;
  • pledging to take part in this event free of charge and not to ask for any financial contribution from the public.

Among the craftsmen* who meet all the above criteria, priority will be given to those who:

  • Are certified by official professional recognition (e.g. diploma, certificate, etc.)
    and or
    distinguished by a prize or award
    and or
    recognized craftsman whose excellence has been illustrated by the media;
  • Have the broadest mastery of their profession: design, production, maintenance, repair, transformation, restoration of old objects;
  • Give courses or conferences in their field
    and or
    are involved in professional associations;
  • Have already participated in similar events or in various forms of popularization of their know-how or promotion of their corporation;
  • Offer a good reception capacity;
  • Provide interesting animation.

* Artisans d’art is set for men and women practicing a craft trade.

Chocolatier, confectioner, pastry chef, etc. are certainly crafts. However, these trades are not on the list of trades to be illustrated during the European Days of Crafts. However, these trades are highlighted at other events throughout the year, in particular during Taste Week,
The artisans who generously receive the public within the framework of the European Days of Crafts have their own constraints linked to their ordinary activity. It is not possible to ask them to make themselves available to the public for a whole week.
A canton’s participation in the European Days of Crafts depends on its free decision to join the movement. Contacts are in progress to widen the participation of the other cantons.