Kostüm und Mode - das Bildhandbuch: Von den frühen Hochkulturen bis zur Gegenwart

Textile crafts

With well over a thousand color illustrations, this picture handbook offers a unique overview of western fashion - from the clothing of ancient Egypt to the very latest Parisian designs. The volume records the astonishing variety of garments used to embellish the human body - from the relative simplicity of earlier advanced civilizations, to the subtle social differences reflected in medieval clothing, to the exotic-looking luxury of the Renaissance, to the ever-changing ones Conventions of the 18th and 19th centuries and the lively diversity of fashion in the 20th century. A richly illustrated glossary explains technical terms and introduces features of a wide range of hats, hair accessories, gloves and other accessories.

  • Isbn 978-3-258-06635-6
  • Ean 9783258066356
  • Author John Peacock
  • Editor Haupt Verlag
  • Language de_CH