Leder: Geschichte, Techniken, Projekte

leather crafts

The big book on leather More than 200 exclusive photos Information on the history of leather and tanning Tools, techniques and materials clearly explained 25 projects to rework Leather is natural, supple and hard-wearing - half protection, half jewellery. Today this material is available in many colors and qualities and is therefore also suitable for colorful jewelery and home accessories. "Leather" shows the versatility of this chameleon-like material and provides a lot of background information on the history of leather and the tradition of tanning. What you have to look out for when buying leather, how leather is processed in contrast to fabric and which types of leather are suitable for which purposes, everything is explained in an extra chapter so that the aviator’s cap, the hat box or the floor cushion also turn out well. All 25 projects can be reworked with a working household sewing machine and a few simple tools.

  • Isbn 978-3-258-07072-8
  • Ean 9783258070728
  • Author Josephine Barbe
  • Editor Haupt Verlag
  • Language de_CH