Marius Rappo - die Welt im Kleinen: Historische Modelle und ihre Geschichten

Applied arts professions

This richly illustrated publication contains a complete catalog of all Marius Rappo’s models. In a second part, sketches, plans and photos are used to describe in detail the creation of Rappo’s models, which have found a permanent place in numerous renowned museums in Switzerland and Germany. A pleasure for every enthusiast and an inexhaustible treasure trove for anyone who is faced with the task of building or commissioning a model. With a foreword by Andres Furger and texts by Victor Fritz, Martin Hicklin, Alfred Hidber, Christoph Jäggi, Jürg Rageth, Hans-Peter Wittwer as well as Marius Rappo and Martina Desax.

  • Isbn 978-3-258-08062-8
  • Ean 9783258080628
  • Author Regula Rappo-Raz / Martina Desax / Marius Rappo
  • Editor Haupt Verlag
  • Language de_CH