Le matériel : cutter, crayons et gomme   © Marie-Laure Beun

The horizon between the waves

Exhibition at BCUL Rumine in Lausanne from November 9, 2022 to October 28, 2023

Fertile dead time

In 2021, the State of Vaud grants the BCUL an exceptional budget to support Vaudois artists. From then on, the Precious Reserve acquired a series of works produced during the pandemic, in particular during the difficult period of semi-lockdown.

The diversity of techniques used by artists – painting, engraving, photography, writing, cutting and collage – testifies to an ever-lively creativity. Like so many voices, the works that have joined the library’s collections bear witness to an experience that is both collective and unique.

Among the works on display, find the paper cut-outs by Marie-Laure Beun, paper cutter .

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09 November 2022