Ten years of fascination with molten glass

The Souffle de Verre association has been supporting the work of artist Valerie de Roquemaurel, who has her studio in Pomy, for a decade. She celebrated this anniversary at La Salle, also with the opening of an exhibition intended to acquire a new

"I have had my workshop in Pomy for ten years and it will be twenty years since I encountered blown glass", declared Valérie de Roquemaurel during the official part of the party which took place in La Salle, in Orges, for the 10th anniversary of the Souffle de Verre association. The latter provides its support to the artist and La Salle constitutes an original space for going green, professional meetings and artistic exhibitions: "I wish you a cordial welcome to this magnificent place of Virginie and Steeve Duvoisin, declared Nathalie Saugy, the president of the association, to some fifty participants...

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07 April 2023