The craftsman creates wooden frames for paintings and mirrors, frames images and objects, gilds or colors them by applying different materials (gold or silver leaf, dyes, varnish, etc.) . In order to gild your material, most often wood, you have to clean, glue, sometimes apply the coarse white, sanded once dry, coat with glue then apply the gold leaf. Burnishing with agate reveals all the brilliance of gold or silver.

The craftsman advises their clients on the styles and materials to use for framing or restoration work.

The gilder can be a craftsman, work in a workshop as an employee or freelance. Its scope of intervention is quite vast (framework, furniture, decor and woodwork). Its clientele is mainly made up of private collectors, antique dealers, museums, and some public orders for Historical Monuments or National Furniture. The gilder has to work with other trades: cabinetmakers, sculptors, upholsterers, antique dealers. Gilding is also applied to new techniques. It can be associated with glass, paper, leather, fabrics, plastic.

Become a gilder

Initial professional training as a gilder-framer is acquired through an apprenticeship with obtaining a CFC. Duration 4 years. Improvements are possible.

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