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Bern - Artisans at the Swiss Alpine Museum

Exhibition Alpine Workshop from October 18, 2019 to September 27, 2020

The exhibition Alpine Workshop presents people from the Swiss Alps who funnel their creativity and tenacity into producing not only premium products but also fresh perspectives. This is no idealized world, but rather real, everyday life. What does it mean to manufacture a product by hand in a digitalized and globalized society? How much ‹handicraft› can still be found in modern artisanship – in skis, shoes, or shingles?

The museum has been transformed into a workshop, incorporating various artisan enterprises from mountain regions which will be presented in person or in pictures and sound. They will provide insights into their experiences and illustrate the real meaning of artisanal trades today: everything from local raw materials and traditional production techniques to marketing.

Craftsmen and crafts-women are moving their workplaces to the exhibition for a  short period. Visitors are welcome to look over the artisans’ shoulders and speak with them while they work.


Violin Maker: Mahdieh Shahraki

Carpenter: Thomas von Rickenbach

Shingle Maker: Eva Gredig

Ski Maker: Lucas Bessard 

Weaver: Jessica Correia De Freitas

Shoemaker: Florbela Mendes

Cheesemaker: Gerhard Zürcher



18 October 2019